Frequently Asked Questions
I like the property and would like to rent it.  What do I do next?
E-mail or call us to confirm you like the property and intend to rent it.   We will then hold your selected dates and will forward you a contract that summarizes when the deposit should be received and it will also confirm the date of rental and other details.

Why so many pictures?
While we are proud of our little cabin and most of our renters love it, it's not a location for everyone.  We want you to make sure it looks suitable and something you are expecting.

How Many people will it sleep?
There are a total of five beds (two full size, three singles--one set of bunks) plus two roll-away beds and a full size hide-a-bed in the living room couch.  Thus, if the full-size beds are shared by two people, then there are 11 total bed spots. 

Is there a shower?
Yes.  The only bathroom, on main floor, has a shower.

Is there a T.V.?
No.  Based on feedback from renters and our own desire to keep it an escape, we intend to keep it that way.

Is there a telephone?
No.  We are considering getting a land-line put in.  Again, based on renter feedback, there is no strong need and some beg us not to put one in.  If you have Cingular, T-Mobile or Cellular 1 the signal is good at the cabin.  There is a phone at the Gay Bar 2 miles from our cabin.

Are there neighbors?
Yes.  There is an older log cabin directly to our south, which is inhabited only a couple weeks a year.  The cabin directly to our North is inhabited from late May to late September by a retired couple.  The closest year-round residences are approximately ¼ - ½ mile either direction up the beach.

What is the beach sand like?
I would call it a beige/white very nice soft sand.  Very few rocks and occasional drift wood pieces strewn around.  This side of the Keweenaw Peninsula is mostly sandstone.

Is it good for rock picking?
The Keweenaw is excellent for rock picking, but our beach mostly just has flat sand stone rocks excellent for skipping stones.  We find occasional Lake Superior Agates, but they are not as common as the west shoreline a short drive away.

What else is this beach good for?
It's good for beach glass searching and also for driftwood pcs, especially at the far North end and far South end of our bay.

Is it a busy beach?
No.  This is a very quiet bay.  Virtually no boat traffic (occasional kayakers, row boaters and some fishing boat traffic, but mostly very quiet) and not many people except for July and August which is a little busier.

Is there good fishing here?
Yes, Hermit's Cove (about 1 mile out) is considered an excellent fishing destination.  If you watch the horizon you will likely see fishing boats searching for Lake Trout (the fish of choice here).  Coho Salmon and other sport fish are also common here. 

The Tobacco River is a well-known trout stream, just 1 mile from the cabin.  Timing is everything for the trout and a local guide that knows what they are doing doesn't hurt.

How about restaurants?
Houghton (25 miles) is home to many great restaurants, but others nearby are also very good.  The closest is "The Loading Zone" and "The Goal Post" in nearby Lake Linden (15 miles) and "Slims Café" in Mohawk.  "The Landing" in Lac LaBelle (19 miles) is also decent.  In the summer, Copper Harbor is home to several excellent restaurants.

What kind of tourist attractions are nearby?
Mostly nature related…Water falls, endless beaches, Mt. Bohemia, Brockway Mt. Drive, Copper Harbor, Eagle Harbor, Eagle River, etc.  The Keweenaw is also very historic.  Calumet is within a "National Historic Park" and was once the epicenter of Copper Mining in the world.  Calumet almost became the capital of Michigan (over Lansing).  The museums in Calumet (Coppertown) and Hancock (Quincy Mine) are excellent rainy day activities (sunny day too for that matter).  Other nature activities such as hiking, biking, skiing etc. are all right out the door or a short drive.  The Keweenaw has many preserved areas for nature lovers.

How close is the nearest hospital?
Keweenaw memorial is approximately 20 miles away in Calumet and Portage Hospital in Hancock (25 miles) are the closest.

Are there any Health Clubs nearby?
Yes.  Keweenaw Memorial runs a good health club right on Main Street in Laurium.  Michigan Tech University also allows the public to use their facilities located in the SDC (Student Development Center).

Is the water good for swimming?

It depends.  Lake Superior can be very cold, yet in the summer it can be very nice if the waves are blowing in (all the surface water can be mild).  Generally it's cold.  The sauna helps make everything seem milder.

What things can you do in bad weather?
As mentioned earlier, the mine tours are excellent, but also shopping in Copper Harbor or downtown Calumet is a fun activity.  In the cabin itself, we have board and table games, jigsaw puzzles, etc.  Or, some just like to sit by the window and watch the waves crash on the shore and enjoy the crackle of a warm fire a few feet away.

What if we bring our own linens?
That's great.  Feel free to bring your own linens.  Sorry no discounts.

Can we bring pets?
Yes.  We consider our place pet friendly, but no pets are allowed on the furniture and the place is cleaned after each group.  If pet hair is found on the furniture, the cleaning costs will be deducted from your deposit.

If we don't mind using an outhouse, can we rent your place in the winter months?
Yes, if you also don't mind snow shoeing in or snowmobiling in.  The closest place for vehicles to park is about ½ mile from the cabin.  The sauna is available to use year-round, but the outhouse is a requirement in the winter months.

When do you open up the plumbing?
Generally around the first weekend of May.

When do you winterize the plumbing?
Generally the 1st or 2nd weekend of October.

When are the bugs at their worst?
Generally, from early June to early July the bugs are their worst.  Sometimes earlier or sometimes later, but this is usually the peak period.  We have a 12' x 8' screen house near the beach if the early evenings get bad.

When are there little or no bugs?

May, August-October

Is there a best time for waves?
The summer is usually the best for south winds crashing on the beach, but any time of the year can have some great wave watching.  Most weeks will have some wave activity, but not always.

When is the best stargazing?
Anytime during a New Moon.  The Keweenaw is well known as one of the best star gazing points in the United States.  The peninsula sticks so far into Lake Superior and is so far from all major metro areas, there is basically no light pollution.  It's beautiful!  We've had several star gazing fans stay at our cabin and they love it.

Is there air conditioning?
No.  Other than nature's own air conditioner, Lake Superior.  On the outside chance it's hot and no wind, we have a couple extra fans to supplement.